Child in pink draws at desk, another in cupboard with light.


These boys’ bedrooms are the result of a blended family combining apartments. When the parents remarried, they each had two children, meaning they needed sleeping spaces for four children, instead of just two. So when the one-bedroom next door became available, they decided to buy it and combine it with their existing apartment. There was just one catch: The building wouldn’t let them erect new walls.

We helped the family reimagine an existing bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and a living room as three new  bedrooms with a shared common area that would allow all three boys access to the bathroom without having to go through a sibling’s room. To do that, we didn’t rely on drywall divisions that the building forbid: Instead, we used existing walls and moveable custom cabinets.

First, we carved a smaller bedroom for Teddy and a reading room out of the former bedroom and ensuite bathroom. Teddy’s new room is enclosed with custom, floor-to-ceiling cabinets that create a wall-like effect (there’s even a door and clerestory windows built into the casework), but they are entirely moveable. Even though the room is smaller than before, there’s still room for a desk, storage, a twin-sized bed, and a custom window bench. Outside in the passageway and reading corner, we added shallow bookcases and a custom corner bench.

In Martin’s bedroom, we planned the room around a custom daybed with a storage drawer and a walnut and white customization of our Modulor desk on the opposite wall. We designed the windowed wall’s cabinets to elegantly hide the radiator and incorporated a window bench to make use of every inch, much like we did in his brother’s room. The third brother (also named Teddy!) has a third bedroom that makes use of furniture the family already owned.

Cozy study space with bookshelf, desk, chair, lamp, window seat, and colorful rug.
Modern bedroom with desk, bookshelves, striped rug, sports-themed bedspread.
Stylish bedroom with a work desk, bookshelves, a striped rug, and a sports-themed bedspread.
Window seat with red cushion, blue pillows, drawers, in a cozy nook.
Cozy room with red bed, patterned wallpaper, shelf of games.
Bedroom with study area, bookshelves, bed with star bedding.