Tavin's Room: Building around a twin over full

Tavin's room was built around a twin over full bed with a trundle. We love this design option for family guests! We built an open cabinet that divides the room making two unique spaces. This offers a nice transition for privacy.

The hanging desk from our Flote Collection is the ideal suspended solution for a space saving work area. We utilized the existing outlets and built these into the suspended piece. We also coordinated its placement so the twin trundle could open easily.

The divider cabinet frames the room and the bed stairs. We made it open on both sides to create even more open space. This allows an airy view of Tavin's room design and, more importantly, Mr. Potato Head, while lying in bed.

We integrated vertical cutouts for little hands to grab while climbing the stairs and shelves for firetrucks and other important items. Our stair storage appears again, remaining a key component for long lasting family design.

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