Spacious children's room with bunk beds, extensive storage units, and a neatly arranged play area.

Sienna and Cole's Room: Two siblings share a bunk bed, integrated desks and cabinetry.

Sienna and Cole share a room that was large enough for us to build an extensive environment that includes two integrated desks, modular cabinetry, shelving, a bunk bed with dual purposed stairs and drawers and a trundle.

We transformed a room that had no existing storage options into a powerhouse in terms of keeping clutter at bay. We lined the wall opposite the bed with a highly modular cabinetry unit equipped with loads of drawer, cabinet and counter space. Our strategy here, as in many rooms, was to build along the perimeter, leaving the room’s center open and giving the overall impression of spaciousness.

In this case, the child who sleeps in the bottom bunk is very young - two years old - so we’ve installed removable guard rails for increased safety. The stairs leading to the top bunk double as drawers - increasing the room’s already high storage capacity. Smooth, round cutouts provide easy gripping points, ensuring that climbing up and down safely is a breeze. A hanging tray serves as a nightstand for the top bunk and can easily be repositioned if desired.

We installed a desk for each sibling, positioned on either side of the room’s radiator, over which we placed a removable enclosure that hugely increases the amount of desktop space they share. One of the desks features roll out bins for stashing toys. The bins double as chairs.

Minimalist children's room with a wooden bunk bed, built-in desk, bookshelf, and star-patterned bedding.
Close-up of a wooden desk with built-in storage and a dresser, topped with a basket of plush toys
A children's room featuring a built-in bunk bed, desk area, and a storage unit adorned with stuffed animals and art.
Child's study area with desk, toys, and bookshelves under a window in a neatly organized room.
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