Ruby and Iris: Organization in a shared room.


Ruby and Iris have a lot of books and toys. Since they're sharing a room we wanted to give them lots of storage. We've found that when everything has a designated spot, it's much simpler for kids to keep their room tidy.

As always, we started with the bed. The girls wanted a bunk to share, so we decided on the Cabin Bunk. We added three roll out storage drawers underneath for pajama and play clothes storage. 

Next we added a Flote desk, modifying it to 55" in length in order to accommodate both girls side by side. For more seating, we created a bench beneath the window, perfect for storytime. We even added a floating bookshelf and small end table right next to it to make sure their favorite books were always nearby. 

For storage solutions, we added a custom cabinet to the corner of the room, giving each of the sisters a place to store whatever they wanted closest to them while they're in bed. To top it all off, we made three rolling toy carts that slide under the bench into their own compartments. 


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