Rohan and Milan's Room: Creating Space For Three


When we met Rohan and Milan's family, they had a problem. They had a small room (about 10 feet long and 7.5 ft deep) that needed to work for both boys, and an extra bed for guests. Roberto poured over the floor-plans and photos of the space with the parents, and listened to the long list of ideas that they had already tried, that had fallen short of what they needed. 

Ultimately, we decided to give the boys a custom bunk bed to make sure they were able to keep as much sleeping space as possible without taking up too much floor space. We added a Tuck Bed for guests that come by occasionally, because it can be easily stored away when it isn't in use, and doubles as a fun, magnetic white board for the boys to doodle on. 

The end result is a bright and organized room with space for everything, without feeling cramped or compromised.

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