Colorful indoor wooden playhouse with stairs and storage.

Chelsea Playroom: Imagining Together.

Recently at the Chelsea Shul, we created a one of a kind playroom interior design for their education program. This unique two level space fosters imaginative play for the children. At the bottom level, children can enter the house like structure filled with storage cabinets that are lined with plenty of green toys. A large counter faces out towards the room. Here the children love to play house. To make sure the bottom level is properly lit we installed LED lights. The changing tones let the children create fun and unique ambiances for their imagined worlds.

On the far left side of the playroom furniture, a carpet covered staircase with double handrails leads to the upper reading nook. This vast 60” x 113” area can fit plenty of children and even adults! Bookshelf line the back wall for easy reading. A tall plexiglass rail ensures the safety of the structure while allowing light to flow through the space. Finally a cutout beneath the staircase acts as a fun hideaway and cozy hangout spot. Read this blog for a behind the scenes look at how this structure came to be!

Wooden loft bed with storage and a hidden green nook.
Child on stairs and another in a circular cutout.
Cozy children’s reading nook with colorful books and blue walls.
Wooden shelf with colorful children’s books and toys.