Wooden bunk bed with desk, shelves underneath, warm lights.

Pierce: Unexpected. Modern. And So Grown Up.

Children can’t wait to grow up, can they? Creating a space that will help a child navigate from childhood into early adulthood while allowing them to express their burgeoning sense of style is a tall order. We created this modern piece for pre-teen Pierce that will take him from childhood through his young adult years in style.

Pierce wanted a modern grown-up room. The galley-shaped room called for a piece that would fit comfortably without overwhelming the space. We designed this bedroom suite with those needs in mind without compromising on either.

Constructed of classic walnut plywood, this two-tiered loft style piece gives Pierce a large, modern children's double bed sleeping area up top with room for him as he grows. An upholstered daybed below provides Pierce with a place to read, game, study, or chill with friends.

With limited storage space in the room, we gave Pierce a headboard with built-in cubbies to keep all his favorite stuff. The lounge area below has built-in shelves for books and other essentials. A long cabinet with drawers frames the piece and provides Pierce with additional storage.

We added modern, yet functional furniture inspiration to tie the piece together. Handmade leather pulls on the cabinets give the piece a classic yet modern feel, especially when paired with the black finish on all the cabinet doors and on the underside of the bed. Modern light fixtures adorn the lower loft area and the sleeping area above giving pierce plenty of light while making the room feel warm. The ladder leading up to the sleeping area has cutouts making it easy to grab and climb up to the bed.

Pierce now has a grown-up space reflecting his modern style that is functional and will be the perfect place for him as he matures.


Tidy room, wooden bunk bed, ladder, window, and shelved items.
Wooden bookshelf with unique cutouts and leather handle.
Cozy room with a wooden bookshelf filled with books, games, and colorful items.
Cozy bedroom, white bedding, wooden headboard shelf, resting cat.