Brightly lit children's room with custom wooden bunk beds, shelves full of toys, and a study area.

Phoebe and Juliet's Room: two loft beds sharing a central staircase

For Phoebe and Juliet, two young sisters living in Tribeca, NYC, having their own space is important but so is a common area where they can play and chat. We designed the room with a storage staircase connecting the Dumbo Loft Beds, allowing for unique spaces for the sisters.

The double elevated loft beds create ample floor space for their desks, placed on either side of the stairs. With the beds and desks located against the two large windows, the other side of the room is wide open for play space and open and closed storage.

The staircase is topped with a plush carpet, making it safe for the kids as they go up and down. We included extra handles and a landing at the bottom to provide extra safety for Phoebe and Juliet.

Parents can easily use the stairs when the time comes to snuggle with the kids or read them a bedtime story. Plus, the carpet turns the stairs into an extra spot to sit and hang out comfortably.

The large windows were blocked only 25% of their surface, sacrificing some light for the benefit of a more open floor plan and bright desk areas.

Close-up of a cozy children's bed nook with shaggy bedding and a wooden guardrail with round cutouts.
Elevated view of a child's room featuring wooden steps leading to bunk beds and a study area by the window.
Warmly lit child's bedroom with bunk beds, decorated walls, and a cozy study corner by the window.
Bright children's room with wooden bunk beds, abundant storage, playful decorations, and natural light.
Cozy and creative children's room featuring wooden bunk beds with decorative cutouts, and a study area.