Owen's room: A twin-over-full and high ceilings with a skylight

Our kids twin-over-full bunk bed has become increasingly popular for New York families. In this case, Owen really wanted options for sleepovers and a cool place for his parents or sisters to lounge when they hang out in his room. The U-shaped storage staircase provides more ease in accessing the top bed, as well as provide another spot for Owen to play with his many action figures. 

By incorporating the dresser as part of the staircase, this multi-functional unit maximizes the space to its full potential.  The bed features a hanging tray as well as our three-drawer storage under the bed.

Our floating desk is a perfect match for all the other elements in the room. Equipped with 2 pencil drawers and a side cabinet, Owen has many areas to keep things organized. We also lined the back of the desk with a magnetic panel for more surface usability. 

Being a normal active 8 year old, Owen plays hard. So we added a plexiglass top to his desk. Not only does this protect the desktop from many years of wear and tear, but it also allows for slightly rougher play without damaging the plywood underneath.

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