Colorful room with a loft bed, desk, and storage underneath.

Namkha and Riga's Room: Mirrored loft beds for two siblings.

Our compact loft beds with ladders were the perfect solution for this long, narrow space shared by two siblings. The symmetry of two loft beds in one room promotes harmony among the siblings, who enjoy both shared space, as well as their own personal niches.

We’ve intentionally positioned each child’s desk to face outward so that the children aren’t distracted by one another during study time. Each has ample storage and shelf space for books, toys and school supplies.

Strong color accents add a sense of playfulness to the natural palette and smooth, rounded gripping holes on the ladders ensure safe passage up and down from the bunks.

Matching hanging trays serve as detachable nightstands for each bunk.

Child’s room with loft bed, desk, green ladder, and colorful decor.”src=
Green loft bed with ladder, desk, chair, and shelves in a child’s colorful room.
Wooden shelf with circular cutouts, red object, against a green wall.

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