Cozy bedroom with guitar, art wall, bookshelf, and patterned rug.

Molly's Room: A narrow room grows up.

We've worked with Molly when she was younger, but she's all grown up now. We wanted to create more space for a teenager to hang out with her girlfriends, explore her creativity, be studious, and get a good night's rest.

We designed the room with a day bed on one side with a hanging shelf above, and a floating desk on the other side of the room. The low floating day bed has drawers underneath and is flanked by two night tables.

The modular floating desk gives an illusion that the room is bigger than it really is. The shelves overhang the vertical support making it appear lighter in the room. Nine storage drawers to keep notebooks, pencils, and gadgets tucked away nicely.  

Molly went for an adult color palette of walnut and gray. Natural woods kept the space bright, airy, and grown up look.

Bedroom with bed, guitar, wall art, and bookshelves.
Bedroom with desk, shelves, bed, guitar, and decor.
Cozy room with bookshelf desk, guitar, plant, and patterned rug.
Assorted books, artwork, and decor on wooden shelves.
Bookshelf with books, decor, and a white bowl on a cabinet
Open notebook with pen on a wooden desk, symbolizing productivity.
Person at desk in room with bed, bookshelf, and wall art.
Room interior with bed, desk, bookshelves, art, and blurred person on bed.