Two children sitting on a bench, looking down.

Mimi and Noa's Room: A shared space for two sisters.

Mimi and Noa's room have standard ceiling heights but beams that run across the ceiling reduce the overhead space significantly. To provide ample clearance, we placed our LoLo Bunk Bed with stairs which is specifically designed for lower ceilings. The bunk's stairs double as drawers and a hanging bookshelf was placed in the corner to maximize storage.

In this small shared bedroom for two sisters, we designed a desk for each girl opposite the bunk bed to maximize floor space and the light from the windows. Each desk has a pencil drawer and open shelves above and below the desktop and cutouts to keep the cables discreet and floors uncluttered. We placed a modular storage cabinet between the desks to not only have additional storage options but also so that each girl would have their own distinct niche and avoid distracting one another.

Because of a baseboard radiator, the bed had to be pushed forward. A back was placed behind the stairs to solve this gap and ensure the girls' safety. A stair rail and rounded cut-outs on the foot board serve as grips for ease of passage up and down.

Having a lower bunk bed not only gives the proper head clearance above but it also makes it safer for 3-year-old Noa to transition from her crib to the lower bunk.

Older sister Mimi is transitioning from a toddler bed to the upper bunk and enjoys having her own big girl bed.

Cozy study room with desk, chairs, lamp, window, and bookshelf for two children.
Child’s room with loft bed, storage stairs, toys, shelves, white rug.
Child on bed with drawers, stuffed toys in tidy room.
Child on bed with drawers, stuffed toys in tidy room.
Child climbs CASAKIDS bunk bed with drawers and bookshelf.