Twin loft beds with storage, starry carpet in child’s room.

Mason and Brandon’s Room: The Sky’s the Limit.

Twin brothers, Mason and Brandon, are only four years old. At this age they’re ready to transition out of their toddler beds. But what solutions are available when two brothers have to share a room and are too young for bunk beds? Two low loft beds!

Bunk beds are recommended for children six and up. Any younger and it can pose safety risks for the child. Our Dumbo Loft Bed Low is the ideal solution. The mattress support rests at only 30” high, well within safety regulations as stated by the ASTM. Once Mason and Brandon are ready for full height loft beds, Dumbo Low Loft will be elevated to a tall 72”. 17” guardrails surround the bed for added security.

In this room an adjoining staircase allows the brothers to stay connected. Deep storage drawers are included in every step. The beds lie on two sturdy storage cubbies. There Mason and Brandon can store their favorite toys. The beds have a 28” clearance under each bed making the cubbies easily accessible. Once elevated the beds can be equipped with desks beneath them or even more storage!

Children in pajamas play near bunk bed with stairs, drawers.
Child in pajamas on bunk bed stairs, face hidden by box.
Open dresser drawers revealing toys and clothes.
Wooden dresser with open drawers full of toys and clothes.
Child in crib reaching for toys; face not shown.
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