Vibrant pink hallway with patterned carpet and white storage units leading to a desk area.Pink room with desk under loft bed, open drawers, and white chair.

Lulu's Room: A loft bed with a desk underneath.

Lulu's room was quite narrow so the challenge was to provide her with ample space for storage, work and play. To make this already tight space more roomy, we've installed the loft bed and closet against one wall and kept the opposite wall free.

The desk built underneath the loft bed spans the entire length. The angled cutout of the desk top which wraps around the sides gives Lulu a larger surface to work on. This wrap-around configuration also allows for storage opportunities above and below the desk. The angled cutout on the side which mimics the desk cutout, is a way to accommodate for the existing air-conditioning unit. 

For an older child, work and play spaces are often blurred. During school work time, the wrap-around loft bed and desk gives plenty of space for a laptop and an area to read and write on. During play, the desk has enough space to comfortably seat her and a friend.

Storage drawers are built into the stair steps and into the side of the stairs.

For even more storage opportunities, we've also built a custom wardrobe closet that is strategically placed in the corner of the room so that the line of sight through the space remains unblocked. 

In this loft bed, circle, slotted and angled cutouts were combined for an aesthetic that is both whimsical but also appropriate for an older child.  

Modern children’s bedroom with loft bed, desk, and ample storage.
 Child at desk with computer and books, in a study-focused environment.
Compact home office, white desk, shelving, orange accents, efficient space utilization.
Multifunctional study desk and hidden bed design, space-saving, innovative furniture piece.