Cozy study area with desk, chair, and globe visible through an open door.

Katherine's Room: A beautiful space for an older child

Our goal was to create a very unique design that would fit along one wall so that the room maintained it's bright and open feel. The combination of natural and white finishes were chosen to keep the room light, and the purple accent walls compliment it perfectly. 

While designing the space underneath the loft, we constructed the side of the desk to have a large cut out so that the space felt less confined.

The purple loft bed with desk is a custom u-shape design with a combination of open and closed shelving, as well as pencil drawers and a pull out tray for a printer.

While it was important to design a beautiful room for Katherine to call her own, it was equally important to make sure she had a ton of storage space. These custom stairs were designed to solve that issue, and gave her triple the space of our standard storage steps. Since Katherine is an older child, there was no need to install a stair rail, which gives the room more of a teenage vibe

Included in the slideshow is one of the sketches that Roberto drew as we were brainstorming different designs for this room. 

Modern loft bed with desk, stairs, and storage in a purple room.
Interior with purple wall, loft bed, desk, and flower rug.
A tidy study area with desk, shelves, books, and a globe
A purple room with white modular stairs doubling as storage space.
Sketch of a child’s room with a loft bed, desk, shelves, and pink drawers.