James’ Room: bright white and a vibrant blue with space to grow

With our classic layout, furniture is positioned along opposing walls without blocking the window. Natural light then pours into the room highlighting the large, open space in the center.

Featuring a customized Dumbo Storage bed and Dumbo desk, this room has ample storage space for four year old James. This collection allows him to keep his room clutter free and gives him maximum floor space for playtime.

Currently this bed is low enough for James to be safe and the guardrail provides extra security. Once he is older this bed can expand and be raised 9 inches by adding another layer of storage drawers above the existing cabinets. The trundle bed ensures ultimate fun for him and his overnight guests.

A custom double wide storage staircase replaces the traditional dresser. This is a popular place to find James hanging out with friends.

James proudly displays his favorite toys and books in a built-in bookshelf beside the staircase. It also works as a steadying handrail while climbing up and down.

The Dumbo desk is a great space for creating artwork. Once James is in primary school he’ll be able to work and study there as well. Plenty of drawers allow him to keep books and pictures organized.

Along the back wall and keeping with the clean feel of the room, we created a built-in cabinet to enclose the radiator. The radiator enclosure has a custom brushed aluminium grill for ventilation and a custom cut out cover provides access to the control panel.

Created in collaboration with the interior designer mom, this sleek room with a cool pop of blue is ready to grow with James for years to come!

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