Interior room with loft bed, desk, bookshelf, rug, bay windows.

Isabel and Delia's Room: Two Dumbo loft beds share storage stairs. 

Sisters, Isabel and Delia share a large, sunlit room in a modern apartment in Long Island, Queens. For sharing sisters, it's important to have individual spaces but yet have the room function cohesively. We decided that customized Dumbo loft beds would the perfect solution for this purpose. In a corner room with floor-to-ceiling windows, it's inevitable that the loft bed would partially block them. So, we took advantage of this by placing a square cut-out to give one sister a view from her desk. 

In these double loft beds, we've strategically placed cut-outs to take advantage of views enclosed certain areas to give each girl more privacy. The L-shaped layout of the beds allow the girls to share storage steps to access their beds above.

Placing the beds in one end of the room frees up the opposite end as a shared play and hang-out space for the sisters.

Each loft bed was customized for each sister. One loft bed has a bookshelf while the other has a built-in bench with open cubbies below. The sides of the cabinet were cut to open up the space below even more.

Our storage steps hold Isabel and Delia's shared toys and costumes for pretend play and dress-up.

Bright room with wooden loft bed, desk, bookshelves, and standing person.
Compact loft bed with desk, storage, rug in room.
Wooden desk with laptop, books, and colorful stationery in a personal study space.
Loft bed with integrated desk and storage, bright room with large windows.
Cozy room with desk, bookshelf, bean bag, colorful rug through square cutout.
Cozy room with desk, bookshelf, bean bag, colorful rug through square cutout.