Room corner with blue walls, white cabinets, drawers, Persian rug, and partial office chair view.

Rick and Mary's Home Office: A spare room is converted into a guest room and home office.

In this renovated apartment on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, a spare bedroom was converted into a hybrid guest room and home office. Most of the time, the spare room is used as a home office. But Rick and Mary also needed a place for their occasional overnight guests. To take advantage of the natural light, the desk was built into the niche along the window. Storage cabinets above and drawers below give this desk lots of storage opportunities. Our Tuck Double Bed was then placed along the main wall. We opted for an all-white finish to match the existing built-ins.

Since the room was so narrow, and to allow the main pathway to remain unobstructed, we designed our Tuck Away Bed to take a custom mattress that is 4" thinner than a standard twin mattress. We took advantage of the space between the top of the bed and the ceiling by building storage cabinets. 

Maximizing the space was a top priority in this project and we built along the entire main wall by adding a side cabinet with upper doors, open shelves and drawers at the bottom. The drawers were built deeper not only for more storage, but also so that when our Double Tuck Bed is open, it acts as a "night table" for the guest sleeping on the bottom bunk.

White bunk bed with desk, drawers, and room decor.
Modern bunk beds with stairs, storage, in a clean, mirrored room. 
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