Functional bedroom with a loft bed, desk area, and storage stairs.

Harrison and Holden's room: Make it Modular

Harrison and Holden, two New York brothers growing up in the city, are now sharing a very cool bedroom designed by Casa Kids. With a classic yet contemporary layout, the space is optimized at its best by locating the furniture against the walls, leaving plenty of free room for play and direct daylight coming from the center window. Given that the space is elongated (172"), the design creates balance in a shared environment, respecting each sibling’s privacy. 

Each one has their own working space in opposite sides of the room. Teens like Harrison and Holden benefit a lot from a work area of their own, making it easy for them to be creative and independent. Boys being boys as they grow into their teen years, enjoy larger “adult size” desks where not only they do school work but also play and socialize with their friends.

The modern style bedroom set was designed with Casa Kids standard products in birch plywood with grey accents coming together to create a custom space. On one side there are two Marino loft beds with a desk, a daybed and a sleepover trundle bed underneath; ideal spot to hangout with parents, read and have guests.

On the opposite side of the room there is one desk and three modular storage units with drawers forming a built-in cabinet look, for that necessary extra space for clothes, books and toys.

To optimize the available space remaining behind the daybed, this modern style bedroom set includes a “hidden” storage unit with sliding doors. Expanding on the multifunctional nature of the furniture, the stairs have extra deep drawers for additional storage capacity.


Close-up of a minimalist daybed with pillows, light wood headboard, and wall-mounted light.
Two boys sitting in a bedroom with a loft bed and built-in desk.
Spacious kids' room with loft bed, desk, shelving, and hardwood floor.
Child's study area with desk, ergonomic chair, and shelving, adorned with sports memorabilia. 
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