• twin size murphy beds
  • twin size murphy beds open
  • murphy bed leather handle
  • Desk and dresser
  • walnut dresser


In a Brooklyn townhouse, we've designed a multi-purpose space that serves as an office during the day and a guest room at night and on weekends. The highlight of this room is a set of our twin size horizontal Tuck beds from the Brooklyn Collection, distinguished by their walnut finish and leather pull handles to make opening the beds easy. These beds transform the space with their efficiency and style, ensuring comfort and functionality without sacrificing aesthetics.

Opposite the beds, we placed a custom designed desk and dress unit that offers ample storage and workspace. The dresser is adorned with unique pulls provided by the designer, adding a personal touch that elevates the room's design. This arrangement not only optimizes the use of space but also keeps the area organized and conducive to both work and relaxation.

The choice of walnut finish for the furniture brings a sense of warmth and continuity to the room, while the leather pulls on the Murphy beds add a layer of texture and luxury. These design choices create an environment that is both inviting and practical, perfectly suited for the modern urban lifestyle. This project exemplifies our commitment to combining style with practicality, achieving a balance that enhances the versatility of the space.

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