Modern room with twin beds, storage drawers, and shelves, in light wood tones and white.

Guest Room: space saving at its finest

Functionality is a key designing factor for us at Casa Kids. We love creating multi-use space saving guest bedroom furniture that can convert and transform for future use. In this home we got to implement both of these design goals into the space. We tackled two separate rooms; a guest room and a bedroom. Both rooms got a major upgrade with our modern murphy beds. Murphy beds are the perfect space saving guest beds to create rooms that can be used in multiple ways. Once they are folded up into the cabinet, all the original floor space is available.

For the guest room furniture, we added two of our Vertical Tuck Bed models and an adjoining center bookshelf, connecting the pieces to appear as one unit. A custom vent cover was added above both tuck beds to cover the unsightly construction and give the room a cohesive built in look. Once folded away this room can work double duty as a home office or playroom for kids.

In the bedroom we added a Tuck Bed Queen. This tuck bed had custom nightstands made to go on either side of the bed. While this bed may stay open more regularly since it is used more so than those in the guest bed, it can still be folded away and reveals a stunning stripe pattern that makes it a focal point in the room.

Both tuck beds can be moved to other spaces if desired at a later date. The legs holding the bed up double as a shelf when closed.

Modern room with Murphy bed, art, stool, and window.
Interior with wooden doors, bookshelf, window, stool, and patterned rug.
Minimalist bedroom with twin beds, neutral tones, and storage options.
Modern bedroom with bed, side table, lamp, art, and hardwood floor.
Bedroom with large bed, wooden floor, wall TV.
Interior with murphy bed, stool, pictures, shoes.