Custom-built bunk beds with storage, central bookshelf in cozy room.

Grace and Rose's Room: Perfect symmetry.

Two sisters share this relatively small space, where we created an environment in which they can enjoy private and common space in equal measure - imparting a powerful sense of autonomy for each sister. They both enjoy a private area for sleep and study, as well as their own nooks and niches, scaled specifically to their smaller frames and shorter vantage points.

U-shaped staircases offer increased safety as children climb up and down, as well as make it easy for parents to access their children’s beds when it’s time for laundry, bedtime stories or cozying up next to sleepy faces.

Providing the sisters with a sense of privacy and belonging, while still allowing them to come together in the central area that’s created by the symmetrical staircases that surround it, is the chief accomplishment of this design.

In addition to effectively creating two rooms within a room, the design is a powerhouse in terms of storage. We built deep drawers into each bed, in addition to the drawers that double as stairs within the identical staircases.  The symmetrical bedroom design also features endless shelving and a three-tier closet that stands more than nine feet high.

Custom wooden children’s closet with drawers, circular window, and ceiling fan in room.
Child at desk with computer, another in background, home study scene.
Cozy child’s room with bed, desk, shelves, and plush toys.