Modern child’s room with bed, toys, small indoor pool.

Emile and Matis

In crafting a special space for Emile and Matis, Casa Kids faced a unique challenge: a room with a triangular jutout in the wall due to the staircase below. Embracing this distinctive architectural feature, we created a customized Marino twin over twin L-shape bunk bed that became the centerpiece of their imaginative world.

Our innovative approach included widening the staircase to a generous 32 inches, a modification that allowed for double-wide storage drawers beneath it, providing ample space for the boys' essentials. The staircase, enhanced with an added stair rail panel, ensured safety was at the forefront of our design, offering parents peace of mind while preserving the room's playful spirit.

The bed itself required an inventive solution for its placement over the triangular wall section. We designed the headboard in two pieces: one vertical, securely attached to the wall for extra stability, and another angled to align with the room's unique contours. This thoughtful design not only maximized safety but also maintained a seamless aesthetic.

Adding to the room's adventurous appeal, we incorporated colorful rock climbing pegs on the bed, transforming it into a source of daily fun and physical play for Emile and Matis. These pegs not only added an exciting feature to the room but also a pop of color and visual interest.

The project for Emile and Matis exemplifies Casa Kids' dedication to creating spaces that are safe, functional, and brimming with creativity. By embracing the room's unique architecture and the lively personalities of its young occupants, we crafted a space that's more than just a bedroom - it's a haven for adventure and a perfect backdrop for childhood memories.

Kids’ room with bunk bed, climbing wall, study area.
Bunk bed with storage, colorful bedding, bright room.
Bunk bed with storage, colorful bedding, bright room.
Kids on bunk bed in a white and brick room.
Modern bedroom with wooden bunk bed and colorful wall holds.