Room with loft bed, desk, “Dylan” neon sign, and patterned wallpaper.

    Dylan, Madison, and Ruby

    At CasaKids we get quite a few repeat customers, and this family is a great example of why we’ve worked with so many clients more than once: Families tend to grow and needs change! 

    We first collaborated with the family when they were welcoming a baby into their three-bedroom home. To make room for a nursery, we createda full-over-full custom Cabin bunk with stairs for the two older siblings to share the larger of the kids’ bedrooms. 

    After a few years had passed, their oldest son Dylan was longing for a room of his own, so the parents called Casa Kids again. Their middle child was ready to sleep on the top bunk of the original bunk and the toddler was ready for the bottom bed. Our task was to transform the former nursery into a big-boy room for their oldest. To make the most of the space, we installed a full-sized Dumbo loft bed with stairs, which includes a desk and storage beneath. Drawers within the steps mean that he has room to store all his things. 

    Meanwhile, Dylan’s younger siblings are still enjoying the original bed from our initial installation. Should they ever move to a larger home, the full-over-full bunks can be separated and placed in their own rooms.

    Modern child’s room with loft bed, desk, patterned wallpaper, and sports decor.
    Neon ‘Dylan’ sign, cozy room, shelves, collectibles, desk.
    Modern desk, computer, ‘Dylan’ neon sign, patterned wall, white chair.
    Bunk bed with stairs, storage, flower wall print.
     Modern room, bunk bed, white walls, pink chair.