Colorful child's bedroom with floral bedding, wooden furniture, and a bright overhead light

Dylan and Marley's Room: Two sisters share a room and a desk.

Dylan and Marley share a room with very low ceilings that called for a creative solution to ensure that the top bunk offered ample overhead space. We used the Marino L-shaped bunk bed to configure and place the lower bunk on a platform, rather than legs - solving both the height issue and leaving room below the top bunk for a dresser that doubles as a nightstand. 

The bunk’s stairs double as drawers and rounded cutouts in the bed serve as grips for safe and easy passage up and down. This is a small room, so we designed a hanging desk opposite the loft bed to maximize both light flow and floor space. The desk is suspended from the wall and is designed for two, each niche featuring a pencil drawer, magnetic panels, shelves above and below the desktop and cutouts to keep cables discreet and floors uncluttered.

A baseboard radiator that spans the length of the wall on which we wanted to install shelving couldn’t stop us from maximizing the room’s shelving space. We mounted the shelving unit to the wall so that it rests above the radiator, keeping precious floor space available for projects and playtime.

Spacious child's bedroom with a bunk bed, desk area, floral rug, and well-stocked bookshelves
Cozy child's study area with desk, chairs, bookshelves, and a large overhead light in a purple room.
Children studying in a bright room with well-organized shelves and a vibrant workspace.
Two happy children studying at a desk with colorful bookshelves and creative drawings in the background.