Tidy bedroom, large bed, dresser, shelves with toys, city view from window.

Dylan's Room: A spacious room with a full storage bed.

In an Upper East Side apartment, we designed Dylan's spacious room. The room was intended for him to use through his teenage years so its aesthetics reflect that of an older child. It features a natural finish complemented by brown accents throughout the room's main fixtures, namely the modular full-size storage bed, dresser, desk and window bench. Dylan's bed is equipped with loads of storage space courtesy of the drawers we installed beneath the bed. 

The natural finish of the headboard is the ideal neutral backdrop for a suspended night table with a small drawer.

Dylan's closet was very small so we designed an 8-drawer armoire to store clothes. Above this, we built a display cabinet with clear plexiglass strips to hold his sports trophies in place while keeping them as unobstructed as possible. To take advantage of the view from his window, we designed a bench to go against it. We've placed the larger fixtures further away from the window, the bed and desk, to maximize the natural light filtering into the room.

 We solved his need for more storage by placing a low cabinet with doors next to the bench. The height of this cabinet is crucial because not only does it double as a ledge for those sitting on the the bench but it also needs to be low enough so that the light from the window remains unblocked.

Placed against the main wall, Dylan's desk provides enough space for a laptop and do schoolwork at the same time. With drawers on each side, pencil drawers below the desk and a series of open shelves above, this desk gives ample storage opportunities to keep him organized. 

Child at desk with books, papers, studying, phone present, educational setting.
Child’s bedroom with bed, desk, bookshelves, window view of buildings.
Child’s room with storage bed, desk, shelves, and urban window view.
Bedroom with clock, toy, radio on nightstand. 
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