Red wall, wooden cabinet, laptop on shelf.

Converted Work Space: Compact and All-in-One.

At about 80" in length and 74" in width, this tiny spare room in a NYC home had a much needed makeover. After a consultation discussing our client's needs, we concluded that it was best to create a compact office workspace. The room that once only housed a small loveseat now holds a full size murphy bed with a collapsible desk. Rather than just a desk for work, a murphy bed adds a sleeping space to their home for overnight guests. Upper cabinets add much needed storage to the closetless room.  The compact workspace is tied together with the rich walnut finish of the bed, accentuating the warmth of the room.
The hinged desktop attached the bed is a comfortable 18". Ideal for laptop users. A small twisting knob keeps the desktop in place when the desk is closed. A leather pull on the face of the bed becomes a comfortable handle for opening.
Modern desk, shelves, laptop, books, red wall, natural light, functional workspace.
Wooden cabinet, pink room, window light, cozy interior.
Red room, Murphy bed, built-in shelf, window view.
Wooden board, metal clamp, leather handle on table.
Wooden wall-mounted desk with open drawer in a room.
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