Modern child’s room with built-in bed, storage, colorful toys.

Bennett's Room: Sleep and storage space along one wall.

When designing Bennett's room, our goal was to create a loft bed that offered enough storage space so that it could replace all the existing furniture in the room. We decided to design a custom version of our Dumbo storage bed with three steps to provide extra storage space. In addition to the ample amount of storage, we installed a trundle under the bed for the occasional overnight guest.

We decided to use a combination of deep drawers and doors so there would be a space for larger items to fit under the bed. Take a glimpse at the open door to see just how deep the cabinets are. Our client loved the look of our natural birch finish so we paired it with a light gray accent color to give the bed some contrast. On the way up to the bed, we built a ledge where Bennett can display some of his most prized possessions, and a large magnetic board where he can display his artwork.

Child’s room shelf with toys, Mickey figures, name ‘BENNETT’
Modern minimalist wooden bed with storage cabinets and a small shelf.
Child’s bed with storage, toys, and an open drawer showing contents.
Modern children’s room with bed, desk, shelves, and photos.
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