Tuck Bed Vertical

Finish & Accent
  • Tuck Bed Horizontal is designed to increase the functionality of a space. It can be mounted to virtually any wall, and folds so easily and compactly that it can serve as a daily solution for small rooms. This wall mounted folding bed is perfect for home offices or guest rooms.

    Taking up only 15” of floor space when folded, this wall mounted bed leaves plenty of room for daytime play.

     An integrated shelf doubles as leg support, and gaps characterize the spaces between all of the murphy wall beds’ moving parts so parents can pull it open and closed without fear of pinched fingers.

    Moving parts should be operated under parental supervision & beds are recommended for children 12 and up. A cabinet can be added above the Vertical Tuck Bed for additional storage in your space. Find Tuck Cabinets in Storage Systems.

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