Cabin Bunk Bed with Stairs

Finish & Accent
Stair Placement
  • The Cabin Twin Bunk Bed is a compact and economical bunk bed. Ideal for small rooms with lower ceilings, it still provides enough space underneath for a trundle bed or storage drawers.

    The Cabin Bunk Bed is versatile, easily converting into two identical twin beds or a daybed and twin bed. When stacked, the bottom bunk becomes an enclosed "space" similar to a small cabin. The stairs, which double as drawers, allow for easy and safe access to the upper bunk, as well as offer additional storage. This compact twin bunk bed is strong enough to hold both a child and parent in the top bunk.

    Trundle bed, trundle drawers, handrail, and hanging tray sold separately. Find them in Accessories.

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